21 Days Habits to Become a Conscious Consumer Orffit

21 Days Habits to Become a Conscious Consumer

How to become a conscious consumer

The path to making a difference 

Even the smallest changes in the choices we make can contribute to a bigger solution. With so many options and resources on how you can get involved, we understand that sometimes it can be overwhelming. That’s why, as part of 21 Days of Action, we’re sharing with you some of our favorite tips and tricks to help YOU take action (big and small!)

We are excited to share some tips and tricks to help YOU take action to become a conscious consumer . Our Planet needs empathy  instead perfectness. 

Become a conscious consumer could sound a big effort and can make feel us stress out, but by tacking small actions everyday you can have more life balance, live more sustainable and save money. 

Its take me years and I still improving my eco-friendly life style and get out of the unsustainable habits, but one you start you can't stop. 


Eco friendly online store

Making A Difference in the World

  • Considering the environment, think before act or buy something. Ask this three questions to yourself. 
  • Do I need? I can't live with? What is the negative impact can cause if I buy it or I do certain action?
  • Search for conscious brand, no all eco-friendly brands are expensive here is some we love it Grove Collaborative  and Public Goods 
  • Be receptive to listen and educate yourself, more you know about the climate crisis, more empathy you are going to have it.
  • Choose quality, not quantity
  • Shop with carbon neutral when you do shopping online
  • Avoid plastic on coffee shops or store
  • Be the Earth Ambassador, is free :) and you are going to influence your network to take a conscious action too. 
  • Improve your healthy habits is good for you and good for the planet. 
  • Volunteer at EarthDay.org, participate in initiatives local and global, make your online purchase carbon neutral,  to invest in our planet.
  • Change your mindset becoming by tacking conscious action.  
Sustainable home products

 Making a Difference at Home

  • Replace old lights with high-efficiency LED lights.
  • Use regular towels instead of paper towels. 
  • Plant out your travel route to conserve fuel
  • Look into carbon offsets before or after you travel on vacation.
  • Call your utility companies and ask about green power options in your home.
  • Recycle at home 
  • Ditch to plastic bottle and switch to reusable water bottle, is good for the environment and good for your health and also you can save money by reducing wate.Save Money and Reduce Waste 2023!
  • Read up on climate change from books such as All We Can Save, and Consumed
  • Learn more about the Green New Deal being proposed in Congress.


 How are you taking action during 21 Days of Action? Share your story by tagging @orffitbotle and #orffit21DaysofAction on social media.

We dont't have to be perfect, just more conscious! Share with us your conscious action on the comment section. 

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